How can you make your team work better together?

Take the first step towards improving your company agility and team productivity. Get insights on how a radical form of democratic management can affect your business transformation.
Although there are more companies that report increased employee satisfaction and productivity after introducing self-management, there is still a lot of skepticism and misunderstanding that surround this topic. This ebook debunks common misconceptions about democratic management.

In this ebook, you will:

  • Understand how self-management works and how it can improve efficiency in your team

  • Find out if self-management or democratic management styles fit your company

  • Learn how to start implementing this approach on management in your organisation

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About the Author

The Semco Style framework has its origins in the 80s, when a 21-year-old Ricardo Semler took over the Semco Group, a mixer and agitator manufacturer in Brazil, from his father. On his first day, he fired 60 percent of all top managers and he continued to democratize the company, turning the old corporate hierarchy on its head. He did that by delegating as much decision-making power to the workforce as possible and, over the next two decades, he grew the company from 90 to 3000 employees. More impressively, he raised the company’s annual revenue from $4 million to $212 million, with the company growing at an average rate of 47 percent. Semco also achieved a phenomenally low employee turnover rate of just 2 percent under Ricardo Semler’s leadership.

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