The Changemaker Program

Increase self-organization within the team(s) you work with

On To Your Ideal Self-Organization

  • Enrich your style with Semco Style, the world renowned approach of Ricardo Semler
  • Increase the autonomy and responsibility in your team(s)
  • Get access to the Semco Style toolkit with 100+ exercises and case studies

Bird’s Eye View Of The Program

If you build pyramids, you should expect mummies. But, if you create a horizontal organization, you leave room for autonomy and trust. Autonomous, self-organizing teams succeed because they have a greater sense of responsibility, can respond faster to change and accelerate innovation. The people in these teams are happier and they in turn lead to happier customers. So, if you’re ready let’s start organizing Semco Style.

You are already familiar with self-management and know that the implementation doesn’t happen overnight and that agile teams alone are not enough. The Semco Style Changemaker program takes the teams you work with, and not you, as its starting point. What do they need to take the next step towards self-management? And, what are you doing to make that happen?

Using directly relevant Semco Style tools, role play, case studies and reflection with the participants on your own situation, you understand and learn how you can increase ownership and effectiveness in your teams and how you can wield positive influence.

The Following Topics Are Covered

  • Experience the five organizational principles of Semco Style with theory and case studies
  • Create your own Semco Style Roadmap from self-organization to self-management
  • Learn to influence the context and conditions in which your team works
  • Increase the autonomy and responsibility within your team(s)
  • Be inspired by top entrepreneurs who successfully apply self-organization


  • You can optimize the context in which your teams work
  • You bring teams to the next level in autonomy and responsibility
  • You sharpen the image of your ideal self-organization and how you can get there
  • You get access to the Semco Style toolkit with 100+ exercises and case studies

Target Audience

This program is suitable for entrepreneurs, directors, leaders, and managers who are busy creating organizations that continue to develop themselves continuously and successfully.

If you have already started the journey towards self-organization with your team/organization, or intend to start this transition soon, then this program is for you.

Practical Information

We regularly offer open enrollment cohorts for the US and we also offer in-company training programs that can be adapted to existing company training and adjusted to client needs.

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