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In the 1980's Ricardo Semler transformed his company Semco into a self-managed organization.

Since then Millions all over the world were inspired, but only a handful truly reached their dream.

Now the Semco Style Institute USA has the method to guide you on your own path and make your future of work awesome.

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The Semco Style methodology

Maverick Ricardo Semler co-founded the Semco Style network and we developed a method to help organizations implement a human-centered workplace.

The Semco Style Framework: Five pivotal principles, 15 pillars and over 100 practices that will provide general orientation and when desired very specific guidance for your journey towards a human-centered workplace.

The Semco Style Roadmap – was created to guide you on your own way to self-management. We can answer the two most commonly asked questions “Where do I begin?” and “What comes next?”. This is not based on theory but the result of documenting the work we have done with large, mid-sized, and small companies all over the world.


We believe that most organizations currently miss out on performing better or even are at risk of going out of business. This happens because they still operate according to the old industrial paradigm, and with an outdated operating system. They might not fully realize it, but even beautiful offices and generous employee perks can't hide the fact that they do not trust their people 100%.

We believe that organizations who respect and trust people – whether they’re clients or employees - will do better. The future of work is a more human-centered,self-managed and thus a more agile workplace.

We have been spearheading this transformation since the 1980's.


We use the Semco Style Roadmap to orient the change process and give the client an overview of the journey. The Semco Style Framework guides the co-creation of the new organization. The 15 pillars of practice offer practice tested tools that clients can make their own and implement immediately.


We consult clients during a transformation to self-management.

We coach owners, leaders, internal change agents and team members during this transformation.

We train online, in person and through immersive events.

We provide clients with online diagnostic tools to analyze yourself, your team, and your organization.

Semco Style Framework

Semco Style Roadmap





Clients Worldwide


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Whether it’s through consulting, coaching or training, we want to help our clients create the future of work.


There’s no place for old-style, boring and ineffective consulting with us. Interested to learn how we can help you? Just reach out to us and explore the options!


Our training programs range from fundamentals, to change makers and expert level. They are all also available online. Just reach out to us and explore the options!


Over the years, we have gathered a lot of experience with clients and created a vast database of tools, case studies, exercises and scans.

Here’s a selection of our tools that can help your organization:


The Semco Style Selfie is a brief survey and the results are a great conversation starter on Semco Style topics. Do you wonder about how your company is doing in terms of management and organization? You will get a team and organization report as a solid benchmark, especially when repeated over time. There are also reports for individuals, which give you tailor-made advice on how to improve the way work works in your organization


The Semco Style Quickscan is a the simpler version of the Selfie. The Selfie contains 45 questions, and is meant to be used in a team-setting, offers explanations on the result and suggests the next steps to take. The Quickscan, on the other hand, is a completely self-serviced tool that gives some great first insights. With only 15 questions to answer, this individual report gives customized advice on improving the way work happens in your organization.


The AEM-Cube identifies and aligns the strategic diversity in teams: Does the diversity of people match with what’s required from a team, given its purpose and tasks? By mapping out individuals, teams and organizations the tool also visualizes the level of health in the organization, as an ecological system, and allows for specific interventions and actions to be taken.


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